4 Steps to the Perfect Shave


Woman's shaving legs. perfect shave. Des Moines MomI remember learning how to shave my legs as a kid. My friends and I would discuss the latest shaving techniques we read in Seventeen magazine, like spelling Mississippi on each shaving stroke. 

None of that worked for me. For years, shaving left my skin bumpy and irritated. It was an annoying process and one I loathed.

But, I have finally discovered the recipe for the perfect shave and have been following the steps below for a couple of years. If you’re tired of how shaving makes your legs look or feel, give this a try.

The Razor

The one thing that’s completely changed my shaving game is the Billie razor. I was hugely skeptical of a company that sold razors direct shipped to my house. That seemed silly. But, I was tired of buying whatever was on sale only to feel like I was shaving with glass.

So, I ordered the Billie razor and it is awesome. I get four blades every two months, it conveniently hangs in my shower and it’s cute. In fact, I love it so much when I forgot it on vacation, the local Wal-Mart carried the starter pack and I bought another one rather than any other brand. 

The Ultimate Shave Process

Now, let’s move on to the ultimate shave. This is what I do when I want the smoothest, most-hydrated skin possible. 

  1. I exfoliate with Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub. This stuff is great for removing dead skin and adding a ton of moisture.
  2. I then use Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Shave Cream. I like this because it’s smooth and more of a lotion than a foam. And, you don’t have to use much of it to get a great shave. Plus, it’s reasonably priced.
  3. Next, I shave with the Billie razor.
  4. I finish with Buff City Soap’s shower oil. I really like this product because you can customize the scent and it leaves skin full of moisture. 

Now, let’s be honest. I do not have time to do the above more than maybe twice a month. I also throw on a deep conditioner for my hair while I shave so it’s more efficient (and is as close to a full spa treatment as I ever get). A normal quick shave is the Billie razor and the Trader Joe’s shave cream. That’s enough to get smooth skin with no irritation.

Summer is here and it usually means shaving more often. Hopefully, you can enjoy the process a little more with some of the tips above!


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