Omaha: a Grown-Up Weekend Getaway

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weekend in omahaWeekend getaways are few and far between for most parents and adults. But after the 2020 (and let’s be honest 2021 too) we’ve all had, we need it more than ever! Just us adults, recently escaped for a quick weekend in Omaha and had a fabulous time. Here are three reasons why you need an adults-only Omaha getaway.

Opportunity for rest

I no longer have babies that get up for middle-of-the-night feedings. However, I do still have small children who have nightmares and bad dreams that cause them to cry. I also have children who want to go to bed later and get up earlier than I want them to. The opportunity to sleep in a luxurious king bed, sleep in until I feel like getting up, and take a super long shower in the morning with no one telling me they need me, well that is pure bliss. 

omaha getaway

Tip: we stayed at The Peregrine Omaha Downtown. The bed was super comfortable, the room and floor was quiet (no slamming doors!), and there was a Nespresso coffee maker! But the coolest part was the rooftop bar featuring awesome views of downtown Omaha. 

Opportunity to eat grown-up food

I’m sorry to admit, but most of our family meals revolve around what my kids currently will or will not eat. Feta cheese? Maybe. Artichokes? No. Quinoa? Pass. So when the opportunity rolls around for me to pick somewhere I want to eat at because the food sounds delicious and not just because of what’s on the kids’ menu – priceless. And I even got a “grown-up” drink without worrying about the optics of drinking alcohol with my children present. 

omaha getawayTip: we had drinks and dinner at Stirnella. They feature an awesome happy hour menu on  Wednesday – Saturday from 3-6 p.m. I would recommend a reservation as tables fill up fast! Nearby is Coneflower Creamery with the most amazing ice cream ever. This had been recommended to us previously, but the line was long (probably because of how popular it is!) I recommend coming during a non-peak time, like mid-day. 

omaha getaway

Extra tip: get coffee at Archetype Coffee! The best way to wake up in the morning is with hot coffee. That you get to drink without reheating it in the microwave because someone needed you!




Opportunity to do boring, adult things

I’m not going to say that Lauritzen Gardens is not for kids. In fact, there is a children’s garden that is sweet and magical and has plenty of room to run and play. You can also download a scavenger hunt and there are hands-on summer camps too. It is home to some really cool train engines that you can get up close and personal with. All of those things can be really fun for kids.

But you know what is fun for adults? Taking your sweet time to explore and appreciate all that Lauritzen Gardens has to offer. There are a multitude of themed gardens such as the model railroad-themed garden, the conservation discovery garden, and the conservatory. You can easily spend hours exploring acres of plants and flowers and talking about life. 

Tip: Lauritzen Gardens can be a lot of walking, which is a pro or con, depending on the person. If you are wanting to take a more leisurely trip through Lauritzen Gardens, get tickets to the tram. They are $5 for the 50-minute tour. 

omaha getaway

It’s important to remember that parenting and marriages are a lot of work. And after homeschooling/virtual schooling/hybrid schooling + work from home, we all need a break. A weekend away to reconnect, rest, and take a pause from real-life is what we all need. Omaha is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Des Moines and the perfect way for you to reconnect with your spouse for a weekend getaway. 

omaha getaway

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