New childbirth class options cater to parents’ (and grandparents’) needs

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childbirth classesMercyOne Des Moines is highly known for personalized, interactive and comprehensive childbirth class options to help in planning for your baby’s arrival. They walk families through their options and give them tools they need need to develop their birth plan, also known as a birth communication plan. When families are educated, it helps them feel empowered to have the best birthing experience possible. 

For decades, MercyOne has offered free, personalized, childbirth education classes including prenatal classes, breastfeeding essentials, Boot Camp for New Dads, baby basics, and many more. They pride themselves on taking the latest evidence-based research to develop their curriculum in order to educate families. 

New Childbirth Classes at MercyOne

To meet the needs of their families, MercyOne continuously looks for new education options to offer. 

Beyond Birth: Baby’s Milestones

In 2020, MercyOne will launch Beyond Birth: Baby’s Milestones class. They will look at developmental milestones beyond birth through the first year of life and focus on typical physical, social/emotional, and intellectual child development. You will learn ways new ways to interact with your baby and how to help foster growth, development, and attachment in this interactive class. Babies are welcome.

Breastfeeding Essentials: Part 2

MercyOne also added a continuation to our Breastfeeding Essentials class and have developed Breastfeeding Essentials Part 2. This class will help you and your partner learn more in-depth information you need once you leave the hospital. Learn more about pumping, returning to work, weaning baby off breast, transitioning to bottle, building your milk supply, common issues (i.e., mastitis and plugged ducts), hormones, and more. This class is intended for expecting families as well as families who have recently had a baby. Babies are welcome and encouraged in this class.

childbirth classesOnline Prenatal Classes

MercyOne has seen a growing demand for quality, comprehensive childbirth education and providing families with alternatives to the classroom. Work, busy schedules, distance and other obligations can be barriers in being able to attend classes. To help with this, MercyOne offers online prenatal classes. From the comfort of your home, you can explore our comprehensive five-week course that provides an in-depth understanding of the labor and birthing experience from pre-labor signs, to early labor, active labor, transition, pushing, and delivery of baby. At your own pace during the course, you will read through the evidence-based research and learn several relaxation techniques and comfort measures including breathing, massage and positioning.

An optional classroom session is available at the conclusion of the class at MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center for families to practice hands-on massage and positioning. You will also have the opportunity to ask a certified childbirth educator questions to review content, and a tour of the facility will be provided. *Note this class has a $35 fee. 

childbirth classesSpanish Childbirth Education

MercyOne is excited to offer new Spanish childbirth education classes! One of their Spanish-speaking doulas will lead the comprehensive prenatal class curriculum. It is interactive and they value working with our leaders at Primary Health Care to make this class a reality. 

Now and Then: Grandparents

Many grandparents are taking the role of being a primary childcare provider when parents go back to work. Things have changed since your parents had children. They will learn what has changed over the years, what the newest evidence-based research says about how to care for babies and how to prepare as grandparents by participating in a baby basics class. 

Learn more about other childbirth class options

To learn more about other childbirth education options here.

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Jenn CJenn Callahan, M.A. Ed, ICCE, ICBD, MCH, is manager of Childbirth Education and Doula Services at MercyOne Des Moines. If you have any specific questions about classes, please contact Jenn Callahan at [email protected] or 515-358-5060.

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