Is Midwifery Care at Methodist West Right for You?

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When first-time mom Libby Heinz received a brochure and recommendations from some of her mom friends to use Midwife Services of UnityPoint Health – Des Moines, she decided to try it out. Not having an OB/GYN in Des Moines, she gave the Midwives a call and scheduled an appointment. After one visit, she did not want to go anywhere else. 

First Impressions

“Right off the bat, I never felt uncomfortable with them. I felt like they really knew what they were doing, and I was not scared for any of the process as a first-time mom,” Libby says.

Libby’s easy pregnancy journey contributed to her experience with the Midwives. They were easy to talk to, and the variety of providers she saw helped her get a well-rounded experience and ensure all her questions had been answered. 

Nutrition and Overall Health

Libby’s prenatal care was just as important to her as the care she would experience during labor. The Midwives gave her the care and reassurance she needed. They cared for her and made her feel like more than just another pregnant person as they helped her navigate nutritionist appointments, gestational diabetes, and the nerves of birth and being a first-time mom. 

“They were really helpful, and they listened to me,” Libby says. “I had gestational diabetes, and they helped me navigate different options. They asked about my mental health at each appointment and made sure to check in with how I was feeling. I really loved that. I knew they cared about the baby, but I felt they cared about me too.”

Labor and Delivery

After three full trimesters, Libby was ready to give birth, but when her baby had not yet Maternity Midwivesarrived by her due date, she was scheduled to be induced. However, one week after her due date and one day before her scheduled induction, Libby went into labor. 

Libby and her husband Joe packed up and drove to Methodist West Hospital where she had chosen to deliver her baby. 

“It was absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was delivering in a hotel room, not in a hospital,” Libby says. “We had space to move, we had a private bathroom, the jacuzzi tub was amazing, and the facility was beautiful.”

The Facilities

Methodist West Hospital offers experienced staff, beautiful surroundings, and 24/7 neonatal support in partnership with Blank Children’s Hospital. The Methodist West Maternity Center is one of the most beautiful and comfortable maternity centers in Des Moines. It supports a family-centered approach to care, and each of the rooms is spacious to accommodate family and friends. 

Methodist West Hospital is an option for delivery to those identified as having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. The unit also has a state-of-the-art C-section delivery suite available for both scheduled C-sections and emergency C-sections, should the need arise.


As Libby and Joe spent time in their room getting to know the new addition to their family, the Midwives were still working, caring, and checking in on Libby and her new baby, Mary. 

“The nursing staff was amazing, and the midwives, even after I had given birth, came in and sat with me and did a lactation consultation with me. They helped me figure out breastfeeding and did not just come in to come in; they went above and beyond,” Libby says.

Libby is so thankful for the care she received at Methodist West Hospital from the Midwives at UnityPoint Health – Des Moines. 

“They really care about the mother. I felt like I was taken care of as a person aside from a pregnant person and aside from my baby. I feel like I have a relationship with a lot of them, and they just made me feel good about my experience.”

Libby says she has already recommended UnityPoint Health – Des Moines Midwife Services and Methodist West Hospital to so many of her friends and would choose this experience again and again.

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