Holiday Gift-Giving Hacks for Moms


holiday gift giving ideas. Mom looking at phone during holidays. Des Moines MomWho says the holidays have to be stressful? Like anything with being a parent, use your Mom community to learn the best tips and tricks for a smooth holiday season. I asked our contributors to share their best holiday hacks to turn any grinch mom into a Santa.  

Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas for Busy Moms

Delivery or Curbside Pickup

If you see a gift online, buy it now! If you are afraid of shipping delays, opt for delivery or curbside pick-up. In general, shopping around doesn’t save you much when your time is money.

Organization is key

The moms I talked to each had their own organizational system. I keep a Google spreadsheet each year to make sure I remember what I bought and so I stay within budget. One mom suggested the Gift Tracker App, which is free!

Buy throughout the year

When I asked other moms their hacks, this was a crowd favorite! One mom keeps large bins for each person she needs to buy for. Throughout the year, if she sees a gift she buys it and puts it in the bin. This also gives her a visual of how much each person is getting.

Buy group gifts, or suggest an exchange

If you are buying for friends, suggest an exchange. We love to use Elfster, especially since you can make wishes to give tips to your gift-giver.

If you are buying for teachers or essential workers, consider going together with someone for a group gift.

Finally, remember to use your mom tribe! I have a friend in Canada who reached out about a dinosaur she wanted to get for her son from Target. It would take months and a lot of money to ship to Canada, so she reached out to me.

Here are some more holiday gift-giving ideas from our team:

-Alcohol makes great gifts for your in-laws!

-Keep Amazon wish lists for each kid and update.

-Ship presents to a family member’s house to not ruin the surprise

-Keep a list of gift ideas on your phone throughout the year.

What are your best holiday gift-giving ideas? 


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