25 Holiday Date Ideas


“Are you planning all of these holiday dates for us?!” That was my husband thinking I was actually making a holiday date calendar for us. Unfortunately for him I was designing the calendar for this post.

As the holidays are upon us, it is important to take the time to prioritize your relationships. One way to do that is using a date calendar with simple ideas for dates. 

Certain dates will take only a half-hour for nights that are busy and you need a quick check-in with your partner. Other ideas will take a few hours for those times you want to go on a full date. The importance of prioritizing each other can not be said enough. Especially during the holidays, when life seems to become hectic and stressful. 

Make Your Relationship a Priority

It’s easy for moms to put their marriage or relationships behind everything when the holidays arrive. Kids have holiday concerts and parties, presents need to be wrapped, and there are family gatherings to attend. And then maybe you find a quick moment to see your spouse and have a conversation. Taking deliberate time each day to connect, not only will strengthen your relationship, but you will show your children the importance of your marriage. 

25 Holiday Date Ideas

Holiday Date CalendarWhen designing the holiday date calendar it seemed important to find many different choices depending on the weather and your mood that day. You don’t have to follow it as a calendar if that doesn’t work in your life. Maybe just find a few ideas that would work and save the rest for a different time. If you follow it as a calendar then you end your holidays having a party! 

My family had a tradition of having a holiday open house on Christmas Day. This was to provide an activity for families on Christmas afternoon when all the excitement had ended from opening presents. It’s a simple come-and-go event that also provides a date atmosphere for parents. See, finding time to set up a party can be a date for you and your spouse. Stealing a kiss while cutting up veggies. Or dancing in the kitchen while the cookies bake. It’s the moments you make it into that make the memories. 

Hot Cocoa Tasting

One of the best hot cocoa bombs our family has found is from The Cookie Jar in Ankeny. Madison offers so many different flavors to try and we are looking forward to trying some new ones this year like Hazelnut Dreams (Nutella) and Twix. Another option for hot cocoa bombs is from Little G’s Treats in Windsor Heights. Chef Gabe is an amazing creator of innovative creations. Make sure to try the F-Bomb Espresso bomb! It’s a true flavor explosion.

Other holiday-themed date ideas include sampling fancy chocolates, watching your favorite holiday episodes of tv shows, making cookies together, and even making a Tik Tok. Who says you have to take yourself seriously on a date? Make sure to keep all the bloopers of your dancing because those will be memories for sure. 

And in case you felt bad for my husband thinking he won’t get any holiday dates, don’t you worry! I will come up with at least a few to surprise him with.

What are your favorite holiday date ideas?


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