Easy After School Snacks


After school snacks of graham crackers and yogurtSchool is right around the corner and that means hungry kids will be getting off school busses everywhere asking for after school snacks. Keeping the fridge and cupboard stocked with things that keep kids satisfied (but not too full) until dinner can be a challenge.

Here are a few tips and ideas for easy (and I mean really, really easy!) after-school snacks to help get the year started.

How to Make it Easy

It took me a while to figure this out, but when I keep snacks at eye level, the kids can find them a lot more easily. I use the clear drawers in the fridge to store cold snacks and bins to store snacks in the pantry.

The other thing that helps make after-school snacks easy is consistency. When kids know what’s in the house, they just go get it without all the drama of having nothing to eat or not being able to find things.

Cold Snacks

Sam’s Club is one of my favorite places to buy snacks in bulk. Cheese sticks, apple sauce pouches, individual cups of mandarin oranges, and yogurt sticks kept in the clear drawers in the fridge make for easy after-school snacks. 

Pantry Snacks

Cheese-Its, Goldfish, granola bars, and dried fruits are all great pantry staples for snacks. Kids also like treats. Keeping a stash of bubble gum and suckers helps satisfy their sweet tooth (and make after-school snacks more fun).


Keeping a few glasses where kids can reach them means they can get their own water. I keep juice boxes on hand, too.

Making Snacks Fun

Kids love dipping things and dips are an easy way to break up snack monotony. Nutella or yogurt with graham crackers, carrots and ranch, apples and peanut butter, chips and salsa – you get the idea.

Have a great start to the school year, mommas! Happy snacking

What are your go-to after school snacks?


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