DIY Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks


DIY Halloween Costume ideas

Every year my son comes to me with a new amazing DIY Halloween costume idea. He presents a picture of exactly how his costume is supposed to look and I magically make it appear just a few short weeks later! What he doesn’t see, of course, is all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something amazing out of nothing.

Here are my tips and tricks for DIY Halloween Costumes

Pinterest is your best friend (or worst enemy)

Looking at Pinterest can give you some fabulous ideas. But you will also find that one person who seems to be able to do absolutely anything. Her step-by-step instructions and pictures show a completely organized workspace. Everything is measured to perfection and there isn’t one scrap of paper out of place in the background. Remember, you do not have to be that person! In order to embrace your inner virtuoso you just need to discover what kind of artist is living in you.

The Instant Pot Mom- Just fix it and forget it!

DIY Halloween Costume ideas
The 20-second creation

This is especially great for those days when you have one foot out the front door and you suddenly hear a little voice say, “Oh yeah! Today is costume day!”

Find one item in your house to inspire you and let it guide you into costuming genius. The most important thing to remember is that less is more. Keep it simple and add your own little personal touch. A little makeup, hairspray, and an old shirt can go a long way.


DIY Halloween Costume ideas Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady

The Toy Room Explorer

Although this one involves a little bit of work in acquisitions, the final outcome of using items in your home can be truly adorable! Simply work together bits and pieces of toys and dress up clothes already in your kid’s playroom. The best part of a pieced together costume is that comfort is a number one priority! Go with what is warm, comfy, and cute. This also has the added bonus of letting you create a costume that is easy to put on and walk in.


The Family Fabricator

DIY Halloween Costume ideas Elliot, Gertie and ET
  Elliot, Gertie & ET

Especially while the kids are young, take advantage of the ability to choose their costumes for them. Although family costumes can take a bit more time, the final outcome will create lifelong memories. The key to creating a great family costume is to find something that fits your family’s personality. Think of movies you watch together or a favorite book you read at bedtime. Creating a themed costume for multiple people can start to get pricey. Use items from home, borrow clothes from friends, and thrift shop ’til you drop!

DIY halloween Costumes Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve


The Hybrid Handicrafter

A DIY costume does not have to be made from scratch. Ready-made costume pieces can help set you up for success. Buy a prefabricated mask and use boxes, paint, and dollar-store items to complete the look. While you are completing your ensemble creation, don’t forget the trick-or-treat bucket!


The Professional Seamstress

DIY Halloween Costume ideas Cinderella and Prince
Cinderella and her Prince

Not all of us can create a costume fit for a Broadway stage but if you are one that can, embrace it! Although fabric and craft stores are typically the go-to spot for needed materials, remember that up-cycled fabric can be just as good. Cut up old bridesmaid dresses or faux fur coats and purchase old wedding dresses from thrift shops for truly one-of-a-kind trims and accessories.

Are you ready for your DIY Halloween costume this year?

DIY Costumes
DIY Costumes
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