The Des Moines Playhouse Presents The Hundred Dresses

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For more than 100 years The Des Moines Playhouse has presented shows for families. The Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre at The Playhouse is a great way for kids to see the books they’re reading come to life on stage.

The latest show in The Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre is The Hundred Dresses. Based on the Newbery Medalist book by Eleanor Estes, this is a gentle tale of acceptance and courage.

The Story

In The Hundred Dresses, Maddie Reeves has a dilemma. When Wanda, a new classmate who wears the same faded blue dress to school every day, says she has 100 dresses at home, the kids tease her. The bullying gets so bad, Wanda and her family move away. Maddie is wracked with guilt. She soon realizes that allowing her friend Peggy to be a bully can be just as bad as acting that way herself. Wanda is gone, but Maddie gets another chance to stand up to her classmates, making an unlikely friend in the process.

Seeing a show at The Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre is easy and welcoming for families.

  • Titles are appropriate for ages 5 and up with most shows running at most 90 minutes.
  • The theatre holds just over 200 people with seating on three sides of the stage so kids are drawn into the story.
  • All the actors are from Greater Des Moines. You may see your best friend, neighbor, or teacher on stage! And it might inspire your kids to try acting.
  • Kids get a special program, called P Bill Jr, that talks about the author, has questions about the show, and includes games and activities related to the show.
  • At the end of the show, the actors return to the stage to sign autographs and take photos.

Important Note

A note regarding derogatory language in The Hundred Dresses book and play: The term Polack is used which is a derogatory reference to a person of Polish descent. While The Playhouse does not condone the use of this language, it is accurate given the topic, the setting, and the time period of the story and, therefore, is retained for the purpose of being true to the story. It is hoped that this language, as well as the attitudes of some of the characters, will inspire family conversations about why people behaved and spoke in the ways they did, how things have changed since 1938, and the ways in which we can continue to grow.

The Details

The Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre at The Des Moines Playhouse Presents The Hundred Dresses
Feb. 24-Mar. 12, 2023
7 PM Fridays, 1 PM & 4 PM Saturdays & Sundays

The final show of the current children’s theatre season is How I Became a Pirate in April. The theatre will announce its 2023-24 titles on Mar. 6.

Learn more and buy tickets here or call 515.277.6261

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