A Mom’s Guide to The Best Des Moines Parks

boy on swing at park. Des Moines Parks guide

Looking for the best parks in Des Moines? We’ve got you covered!

There are so many parks to explore and play at in Des Moines! If you’re not sure where to start, we picked our favorite parks in every part of the metro. Special features, inclusive playgrounds, walking trails, spray grounds, and more… this guide has it all! We hope this helps you get out and explore parks in Des Moines!

Ashley Okland Star Playground at Ewing Park

The Ashley Okland Star Playground is an all-inclusive playground located within Ewing Park on the southeast side of Des Moines. It features more than 50 unique play elements, featuring adaptive playground equipment for kids who have special needs. (Ewing Park is Des Moines’ largest park with two open-air shelters, disc golf course, trail, pond, lilac arboretum, Children’s Forest, and lots of shade!)

✔️ All-inclusive playground
✔️ Open-air shelters
✔️ Rubber surfacing
✔️ Bathroom

ashley okland star park des moines

Union Park

This beloved “rocketship” park has been entertaining families for generations (slide is under repairs with anticipated 2024 reopening). It also includes a free children’s water play area with zero depth entry and water features, basketball and tennis courts, two enclosed shelters, one open-air shelter, a playground and the kicker: the historic Heritage Carousel. With only a 50-cent admission, this will sure to be on your family’s must-visit list, too. 

✔️ Playground, wood chips
✔️ Parking lot
✔️ Spray ground
✔️ Bathrooms and drinking fountain
✔️ Open shelter

Union park Des Moines parks guide

Evergreen Park

This newly updated park includes a playground, shelter, futsal court, and updated basketball court, and an updated parking lot.

✔️ Playground
✔️ Street parking
✔️ Wood chips
✔️ No bathroom
✔️ No curbs


Evergreen park Des Moines

Riverview Park

This park has an amusement park theme and is on the North side of Des Moines, near North High School. Kids can climb on a ferris wheel, ride bumper cars, climb a roller coaster track, and more. It also has an outdoor music venue and walking loop. 

✔️ All-inclusive playground
✔️ Parking Lot
✔️ Portapotty 
✔️ Rubber surfacing
✔️ No curbs

Riverview Park Des Moines

Stewart Square Park

Conveniently located near the Capitol downtown this park is a fun place to stop and play before exploring the Capitol grounds. 

✔️ Playground
✔️ Drinking fountain, picnic tables
✔️ Street parking
✔️ Wood chips
✔️ No curbs

Stewart park Des Moines

Whitmer Park

Located right off the East Sixth Street exit, stop at this park before heading to the East Village. 

✔️ Playground
✔️ Picnic tables, open shelter
✔️ Street parking
✔️ Wood chips
✔️ No curbs

Whitmer Park Des Moines

Witmer Park

This neighborhood park is near Drake University. It is especially lovely in the fall. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Pickleball + tennis Courts
✔️ Pond and fishing dock
✔️ Walking path
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

witmer park west side des moines mom

Ashby Park

This Beaverdale park is a local favorite with its water area, 2 playgrounds, shelter, and nature trails. There’s something for all ages as well as nice shade trees. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Tennis Courts
✔️ Splash pool
✔️ Nature trail
✔️ Drinking fountain
✔️ Bathrooms
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Ashby Park Des Moines West

Reichardt Family Natural Play Area at Water Works Park

Be sure to check out this natural playscape if you’re walking the trail at Gray’s Lake (there’s a tunnel to walk under Fleur Drive) or exploring Water Works Park. Kids love climbing and balancing on the logs.

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Bike trail
✔️ Drinking fountain
✔️ Bathrooms
✔️ Wood chips

Reichardt Family Natural Play Area at Water Works Park Des Moines Mom

Westchester Park

Located off NW Aurora Ave, and near Hoover High School offers nice shade and a picnic area. 

✔️ Playground with wood chips
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Drinking fountain
✔️ Portable restroom
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Westchester Park Des Moines West Side

Greenwood Park

Tucked south of Grand Ave and behind the Des Moines Art Center, this park is a gem! The park and sprayground are at the top of a big hill (drive up to the parking lot). The pond below has a nice walking trail and beautiful views in the spring and fall. 

✔️ Playground with wood chips
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Sprayground
✔️ Nature trail
✔️ Bathrooms
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Greenwood Park Des Moines West Side

Ankeny Library Playground

Make sure to check out this fun park next time you’re at the Ankney Public Library. Its interactive arch is a hit with kids!  

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ All-inclusive elements
✔️ Bathroom inside the library

Kirkendall library playground Ankeny

Miracle Park

Plan to spend a lot of time at this all-inclusive playground! It’s the largest playground in Ankeny and features roller tables, sway gliders, a sensory play center, and an omni spinner. There is limited shade at this park, so it’s best for cool, cloudy days. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Parking lot
✔️ All-inclusive elements
✔️ Bathroom + drinking fountain
✔️ Picnic shelter + tables

Miracle Park Ankeny

Deer Creek Park

A zipline is the main draw at this neighborhood park. 

✔️ Wood chips
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Shelter + picnic tables
✔️ Port-a-potty + drinking fountain
✔️ Basketball court

Deer Creek Park Ankeny

Centennial Park

If your kids love to climb, this is a great park for them!

✔️ Playground with wood chips

✔️ Parking lot

✔️ Port-a-potty

✔️ Basketball court

Centennial Park Ankeny

Dean Park

This neighborhood park is in the Prairie Trail of Ankeny. There is a climbing wall and a paved trail around the park. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surfacing

✔️ Shelter

✔️ Basketball court

✔️ Splashpad

Dean Park Ankeny

Alice Nizzi Park

This park is known for its spaghetti and meatball theme and fun climbing structures. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Paved trail around play area
✔️ Limited shade

Alice Nizzi Park Waukee

Glynn Village Park

This neighborhood park is great for big kids with its connecting towers and large slides, climbing features, and nature themed play area. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface

✔️ Off-street parking

✔️ Benches

✔️ Drinking fountain

Glynn Village Park Waukee

Triumph Park

This park is BIG but it can be really busy. There are structures for toddlers up to the biggest kid as well as mobility device access at various levels. Multiple slides offer various heights, angles, and levels of difficulty to reach the tops. There are also several obstacle course-style areas and multiple climbing areas. There are endless opportunities for play. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface

✔️ Parking lot

✔️ All-inclusive elements

✔️ Bathrooms with cooling zone

✔️ Shaded picnic tables

Read our full review here

Triumph Park Waukee

Westown Meadows Park

This modern neighborhood park has a little bit of everything. There are a few water bubblers/sprayers, playground, and a paved trail. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface

✔️ Off-street parking

✔️ Sprayground 

✔️ Shaded picnic tables

✔️ Bathrooms

✔️ Bathroom inside the library

Westown Meadows Park Waukee

Sugar Creek Park

This neighborhood park has lots of climbing and high slides. It is near Sugar Creek Elementary School. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface

✔️ Off-street parking

✔️ Shelter

✔️ Pickleball courts

Sugar Creek Park Waukee

Shaw Park

This neighborhood park is near Drake University. It is especially lovely in the fall. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Pickleball + tennis Courts
✔️ Pond and fishing dock
✔️ Walking path
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Tilles Park

We all know this park for hosting Winter Wonderland every holiday season, but families enjoy this park year round! It has two playgrounds, a spray fountain play area, tennis courts, fishing, and trails! This park has plenty of restroom areas, and lots of trees provide shade in the heat of the summer.

Oakhaven Park

This perfectly picturesque park in Rock Hill has something for everyone – including the perfect IG photo of your littles.
Make it a day outing! Start with a cup of coffee from the nearby Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. After some playtime grab lunch at Katie’s Pizza!

Oak Knoll Park

Oak Knoll Park is one of our favorite local parks with lots of options for play and exploration!
Here’s what we love the most:
The fountain and pond where you can spy turtles out on the rocks!
A beautiful walking path that leads to a hidden and picturesque sunken garden.
A fully fenced in, woodland-themed playground. The bathroom is a solid 5 minute walk from the playground, so take note of that if you have multiple children to supervise.
A great picnic area next to the playground where you can enjoy lunch outdoors!
We give this park two solid thumbs up and this is the perfect time of year to explore it!

Oak Tree Park

Oak Tree Park is a hidden gem! This playground is suitable for tiny toddlers up to age 12. It’s has a substantial pavilion with bathrooms, drinking fountains and picnic tables.
In the summer it can get pretty hot because of a lack of shade cover but in the colder months it’s just perfect on a sunny day!
We love the paved trail perfect for walking, scootering or biking.


Fillmore Park

Fillmore Park in Kirkwood is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s just a short walk from the Magic House. The ground is made from artificial turf so no worrying about muddy boots! There is very little shade cover which makes it a great park for the colder months. We love the covered pavilion and picnic tables as it’s a great space for having a snack or hosting a birthday party. There are no restrooms so plan accordingly!

Kirkwood Park

Kirkwood Park is a short walk from downtown Kirkwood. The playground is designed for children ages 2-12. It’s surrounded by baseball fields, tennis courts, an amphitheater and Walker Lake! In the summer we love that you can grab a cold treat at Tropical Moose!

Larson Park

How fun! A bug-themed playground! Complete with swings, two play areas for varying ages, and a rock wall! There is plenty of shade on this playground to keep kids cool.
Larson Park also has ballfields, tennis courts, trails, a creek, and a fire pit.
There’s something for everyone here!

Deer Creek Park

Deer Creek Park is also known as “Rocket Park” for its unique play structure. The colorful playground is shaped like a giant rocket, complete with slides of various heights. You’ll also find a variety of swings and a rock wall. The play surface is pea gravel, and kids can scoop, dig, and play in it!
This park also offers lighted soccer and baseball fields, and an unlit softball field.

Stacy Park

Stacy Park, located in Olivette, is a favorite of ours as an all-inclusive, accessible playground with play structures for all ages AND a completely enclosed toddler playground! There’s a large pavilion for gatherings, in addition to lots of space for picnics. Take note the restroom is a bit far from the playgrounds.


Irv Zeid Citizen's Park

We had so much fun exploring the new playground at Irv Zeid Citizen’s Park in Olivette!
If you have a climber, a kid that loves obstacle courses and balancing- this is a must visit!
This park was completed in December of 2022 and is so fun! The bathrooms were not open yet and according to the Olivette Parks and Rec, it looks like they won’t be until April so plan accordingly!
There is a LARGE shaded pavilion with BBQ’s which would make for an excellent gathering of friends and family.
Check out this fun and unique playground!

Taylor Park

In the Old Town neighborhood in Clayton, you’ll find Taylor Park. Colorful gardens and a gazebo add to the charm of this neighborhood gem. With plenty of shade, you’ll want to pack a picnic and spend the afternoon.
A large, open grassy area is the site to games and free play.
The playground offers swing, slides, and climbing areas. The play area is mostly enclosed by fencing.

DeMun Park

Kids of all ages can play at De Man park. It offers two play areas, one for smaller kids, and the other for kids up to age 12. While this park is in a business section of the neighborhood, it is surrounded by a fence with a gate to keep kids safe from traffic.
There are shaded benches, and a small paved trail for walking or riding bikes and scooters.

Bluebird Park

This neighborhood park is near Drake University. It is especially lovely in the fall. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Pickleball + tennis Courts
✔️ Pond and fishing dock
✔️ Walking path
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Ferris Park

Have you been to Ferris Park in Ballwin? It’s a great park for all seasons! The water features makes this one unique! There are two separate playgrounds, one a perfect fit for toddlers, while the other is more suited to older kids. There is a small seating area by the playground, as well as larger covered pavilions with barbecue pits for picnics and gatherings. A large field adjacent to the playground area rounds out this neighborhood park.

New Ballwin Park

New Ballwin Park is a hidden gem, tucked off of New Ballwin Road. This neighborhood park has a stocked pond for fishing, with a fishing deck and is surrounded by a paved trail, perfect for walks and turtle sightings!
The park itself has a playground, basketball courts, pickle ball, and tennis courts. Covered pavilions are perfect for a picnic or just some sought-after shade in those summer months!

Wildwood Community Park

Have you visited Wildwood Community Park?
There are unique structures and swings for all ages – including walking trails and paths for biking. Nestled in the woods is a cool creek for splashing, watching tadpoles, or skipping rocks. The path to the creek is paved, making access a cinch!
This park has a large covered pavilion with many tables, perfect for a shady lunch or a large gathering. This park also offers many shady spots throughout.
Make it a day with some coffee from @starbucks or @sunnystreetcafe. You can grab lunch at @lettylouscafe and finish it off with some ice cream from @histbigchief @mainstreetcreamery_washmo at the nearby Town Center.

Faust Park

Have you visited Faust Park in Chesterfield?
Aside from the great playground you see here, there are walking trails and even a historic village you can explore. The playground has play areas for both younger and older kids. The St. Louis Carousel and Butterfly House are right next door, too!
Grab breakfast at the nearby First Watch or lunch at El Troquero. Head down Clarkson for some sweets from Sarah’s Cake Shop or Small Treats.


Queeny Park

The Queeny Park Playground is super unique! It has two traditional playgrounds but also has pyramids with ladders, slides, tunnels and climbing walls.
We noticed there was only a temporary restroom near the playground but that can change!
Queeny Park is also a fabulous, shady park filled with trails so enjoy a family hike or bike ride while you’re there! As an equestrian-friendly park, you may even spy horses on those trails!
Mom tip: Be prepared to go home with rocks in your shoes!

ana leigh photography

Longview Farm Park

Moms will appreciate the clean bathrooms, easy parking, and a playground where you’re able to visibly see your child at all times!
Your kids will LOVE the sweet fairy houses along the small trails leading from the playground, the endless opportunities for exploration, the playground with plenty of swings, and HORSES!
As moms who have explored this park on countless occasions, we recommend wearing tennis shoes that can get dirty or rain
boots if you plan on exploring the trails! And lastly if you have a toddler, bring a stroller!! You don’t want to have a meltdown at the bottom of the hill and carry them all the way back to the parking lot!!

Twin Oaks Park

Twin Oaks Park is in Twin Oaks city at Highway 141 and Big Bend. This is a small park but gorgeous and with so many things to do. You will find a playground with areas for both toddlers and bigger kids. A big xylophone, rock climbing and swings for all. You can also bring your teens and let them play at the volleyball, tennis or basketball court.
If you plan on a outdoor party, there’s lot of space and shaded picnic tables (with a clean restroom).
I am delighted about the beautiful walking track, where we can spot some fishes from the lovely bridges.
In case you haven’t visited Twin Oaks Park, I think it’s time to try it, I’m sure you will be surprised with the beauty and potential of this place.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a neighborhood favorite! A .29 mile walking trail loops around. Two playgrounds offer play areas for varying ages. Older kids enjoy the baseball / softball field, soccer field, basketball, and tennis courts.
This shaded park is a great summer option! The play fountain will keep little ones cool in those hot months, as well.
The bathrooms are open year-round.

Drace Park

Drace Park provides a unique combination of a large traditional playground, several smaller natural playscapes, and a few pieces of St.Louis County history. Drace Park also has a walking trail, clean restrooms and a beautiful pavilion. It’s easy to see why we love it!
The historic log cabins are my favorite. Each one has a display explaining its history to the area. One is even open to walk through with blocks for kids to build with.
My boys’ favorites are the many natural playscapes. This includes a tree stump obstacle course, a small sandbox, a water feature, a tunnel in the woods and a large area to build with rocks and wood pieces.
Drace Park is super easy to get to, right off hwy 40 & Ballas near the Clayton/Ballas intersection.

Vlasis Park

Vlasis Park has something for everyone! Toddlers will enjoy the corner of the playground that is just their size with a playset and swings. The older kids will love barreling down the tunnel slides, climbing the tire ladder, swinging, and roaming the play structure for bigger kids.
A paved walking path encircles a cute duck pond with small waterfalls. Fishing is permitted at Vlasis Park. The paved path will take you past a baseball field and tennis courts, as well.
The playground itself boasts plenty of tables with umbrellas to catch some shade, while larger tables under covered pavilions surround the playground area.
Don’t miss Ballwin Days, the city’s fun-filled celebration held at Vlasis Park each summer!

Des Peres Park

What can’t you find at Des Peres park? Des Peres Park has two separate playgrounds, one for toddlers, and another for bigger kids. You’ll also find a play fountain in the summer, pinic areas, soccer and baseball fields, shuffleboard courts, pickleball and tennis courts, a parcourse fitness trail, bike and jogging trails, a reservable gazebo, and a fishing lake.
This park is a scenic one, and is a great spot for impromptu family photos. Many teens come here to take photos before school dances.

Vago Park

Vago Park is a must visit! There are two smaller playgrounds closer to the main entrance, right next to a sandy volleyball court and an AWESOME splash pad!
If you continue a bit down the road, you’ll find a newer playground with TWO ziplines, and one is ADA accessible! The restrooms are right next to the playground (very clean!) and there are lots of unique slides and climbing structures! There is also a fitness zone right next to the playground where adults can squeeze in a workout
Add this to your list! Pack a lunch and your swimsuit for the splash pad and make a day of it! There isn’t much shade to be found in the main playground area, so it could be a good idea to start there and finish at the splash pad!

Venable Park

Venable Memorial Park is one of the busier parks in Creve Coeur! It has a half-mile paved trail, tennis courts, a soccer field, two playgrounds, barbecue grills, and a picnic pavilion.
The shade in this park makes it enjoyable to visit in the hot summer months. You’ll even find a creek right alongside the playground!

Central Park

One of our favorites is located right behind the old Chesterfield Mall; it’s called Central Park. Parking is directly in front of the playground and you’ll always find a spot!
We spend on average about 2 hours here every time we visit. The park has two playgrounds next to each other (one for kids ages 5-12 & one for under 5), a ton of swings, shady spots to sit, two large pavilions and VERY clean bathrooms.
My girls love spotting fish and turtles from the bridge. Exploring the rocky hidden path with a stream is also a favorite at this park. Bring your water shoes! On the weekends we like to bring our fishing poles and catch and release fish.
If you don’t live in the area definitely venture out to Chesterfield and check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Millennium Park

This 25 acre park is tucked in off of Olive Boulevard near Mason Road. This park boasts two playgrounds, a splash pad, a barbecue grill, a .6 mile walking trail, and ball fields. You’ll also enjoy the large shaded pavilion, which you can reserve for parties and gatherings. Plenty of grassy area will encourage kids to run and play! Millennium Park’s bathrooms are open year-round.

Castlewood State Park

The Meramec River winds throughout Castlewood State Park, and a lush valley surrounds it. Here you will find plenty of hiking and biking trails, and some gorgeous views!
You can also fish in Castlewood, and there is a wide open playground area.
This is a popular park, and it does get overcrowded at peak times. When it does, the parking areas can be closed for admittance until the crowd thins.

Lions Park

This 14.25 acre park located on the east side of Bald Hill Road features two lighted tennis courts (also lined for pickleball), two lighted athletic fields, two unlighted athletic fields, pavilion with electricity and grills, restrooms (open year round) and playground. The park is open from dawn until dusk year round.
Lions Park is ADA accessible.

Berry Park

This 23.10-acre park is located across from Forby Estates Subdivision. The park’s 1/3 mile trail connects to Eureka High School and is home to the Eureka Dog Park. The park has one pavilion that is first come first served and one pavilion available to rent.
Berry Park is ADA accessible.

Route 66 State Park

Travel through history on The Mother Road at Route 66 State Park. Route 66 captured Americans’ imagination and exposed millions of citizens to small towns across the country. Sample a slice of that at Route 66 State Park’s visitor center, which has displays showcasing the road. The visitor center is the former Bridgehead Inn, a 1935 roadhouse that sat on the original Route 66. The park’s location, close to metro St. Louis, provides visitors with a quick getaway to nature. More than 40 types of birds have been identified in the park, and picnic sites and trails are sprinkled throughout the park.

Babler State Park

Generations of Missourians have passed through Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park’s massive stone gateway for cookouts and family get-togethers or to spend time with friends. The park’s camping facilities, Civilian Conservation Corps architecture, and hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails help all visitors find their place to get away from it all, just minutes from St. Louis. A playground is located in the day-use area at the Guy Park Trailhead, however it is temporarily closed due to storm damage.

Creve Coeur Park

Everything you’re looking for in a park! At Creve Coeur Park, you’ll find four different playgrounds, a spray fountain play area, tennis courts, disc golf, archery, a recreational lake and beach area (non-gasoline boats only). Swimming is not allowed.
Creve Coeur Park is a great one for biking with kids. The flat, paved trails make biking a joy for all!

Lone Elk Park

Lone Elk Park is a drive through wildlife park. You’ll see bison, elk, deer, ducks, turtles, and more! Fishing is available by reservation only. Lone Elk Park also has trails for hiking through certain areas.
No pets are allowed in the park.
PRO TIP: the animals are fed first thing in the morning, so arriving before 8 am will give you the best chance to see animals. Guests can enter as early as 6:30 am.

Brendan's Playground

This neighborhood park is near Drake University. It is especially lovely in the fall. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Pickleball + tennis Courts
✔️ Pond and fishing dock
✔️ Walking path
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Jake's Field of Dreams

Jake’s Field of Dreams Playground is an ADA all-inclusive sports-themed, fenced in playground located in Wentzville!

Included is an accessible zip line, swings, musical garden, obstacle course, and climbing structures with slides. My favorite feature were the sensory pods located on the sides of the playground. If the playground gets too overstimulating, these pods are designed to create a quiet space equipped with built in fidget toys.

Surrounding the playground is Heartland Park- a lake, boardwalk, walking trail, wetland trail, and athletic fields.

Make sure to add this to your park bucket list!

O'Day Park

O’Day Park is the newest park in O’Fallon. With 57-acres, this park is a blend of nature and fun. Kids of all ages enjoy the adventure playground crafted for climbers and explorers, and the creek that runs alongside it. There are plenty of walking trails throughout the park.
PRO TIP: Bring water shoes to play on the water feature as the rocks tend to get slippery.

Indian Camp Creek Park

Indian Camp Creek is St. Charles Counties largest park with 603 acres! There’s more than 10 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and even equestrian use. There’s spots for camping and fishing, along with disc golf.
Indian Camp Creek is the home of 5 playground spots, including the newest inclusive playground near the lake.
While visiting Indian Camp Creek, make sure to pack your swim suits!! There’s multiple spots for creek access— shallow enough for little ones.
Grab a picnic lunch and make sure you check out this amazing park!

Oglesby Park

This one of a kind park has 3 playgrounds, paved walking trails, shelters, and fishing ponds. The playground has a massive multi-level spiderweb that leads up to a slide. There’s a number of adaptive equipment, rock walls, numerous slides, and musical equipment. The playgrounds have covered benches perfect for a hot sunny day.

Jaycee Park

Discovery Playground, or Jaycee Park as most know it, is a true St. Charles gem! With the main play structure built into the landscape, this playground has all the slides, swings, and places to roam your kids will need, plus a beautiful stony splash pad for the summer months. Bonus: add this park to your list of fenced in parks to check out for hours of fun!

Webster Park

Webster Park in St. Charles is located just across the street from the Family Arena and very close to the Katy trail!
It has a wonderful playground with good sightlines, easy, family friendly walking trails, clean restrooms, as well as an indoor/outdoor rental facility perfect for a birthday party!
It was a quick 10 min from our neighborhood in West County- perfect playdate meet up spot between for our kids aged 1.5, 3 & 7.

Zachary's Playground

Zachary’s Playground offers many different play areas, each one all-inclusive for kids of all ages and abilities. There are so many areas to climb, swing, and explore! You’ll also find a splash pad here to keep kids cool in the summer.
A half-mile walking trail winds through the park, along with a scenic lake.
If you are looking for a baby changing station, you’ll find it in the family restroom.

embracing the slow | Des Moines Moms Blog

City Hall Park

This local, woodland themed park has so much to offer for all ages. There’s two playgrounds— one for ages 2-5 and one for ages 5-12, equipped with accessible swings. There’s a musical instrument area and two nature playgrounds. My son loved playing the floor is lava while hopping from rock to rock and balancing on the logs. There’s a ninja warrior course for the older kiddos… and dads!
In addition, there’s a splash pad, baseball field, vending machines, amphitheater with leveled seating, two pavilions, and plenty of benches and tables!

Veteran's Tribute Park

Veteran’s Tribute Park was created with the needs of children of all ages and abilities in mind. With different zoned play areas, kids can explore water play, music, adventure and climbing, swings, and a hillside slide.
There are three non-reservable open-play fields for older kids to meet up and play on, and even your pups can enjoy three acres of off-leash fun in the dog park.
Bring your bikes, as the park offers a 1.6 mile trail throughout the park.
The park has two lakes, stocked for fishing, and a lakeside pavilion that is the perfect site for parties and reunions.

Broemmelsiek Park

Nature at its finest! Broemmelsiek Park boasts well-stocked fishing lakes, and is surrounded by 9 miles of multi-use trails. Even your puppy pals can enjoy a dog area with its own pond for splashing!
Broemmelsiek Park also has a newer playground surrounded by soft, cushy turf.

Glazebrook Park

This neighborhood park is near Drake University. It is especially lovely in the fall. 

✔️ Playground with rubber surface
✔️ Off-street parking
✔️ Pickleball + tennis Courts
✔️ Pond and fishing dock
✔️ Walking path
✔️ Picnic tables + shelter

Airplane Park

Airplane Park, formally known as Edwardsville Township Community Park, is an area favorite. The park’s two playgrounds have slides, climbing walls, and climbing poles. Mabel’s Playground, near the entrance, is ADA compliant and inclusive. The park also has tennis courts, a skating rink, soccer fields, and plenty of shelters and picnic tables, there’s something for everyone.
The park has a Lending Library for little readers to take or leave a book.
This park does have an “all seasons” restroom, complete with a personal electronic device charging station on the side.

Watershed State Park

The Watershed Nature Center is comprised of over 40 acres of prairie, forest, and wetlands. Paved walking trails meander through the park past the two lakes, however fishing is not permitted. There are ample opportunities to spot wildlife in this beautiful park.

Gordon Moore Park

This city of Alton is home to Gordon Moore Park. With 8 tennis courts, 10 ball diamonds, soccer / football fields, a kids’ interactive fountain, a golf course, picnic areas, and 6 play areas (including an inclusive playground which is enclosed) there truly is so much to do here.
A favorite spot in the park is the Japanese garden with the koi waterfall pond to walk around. You’ll also find a 13-acre well-stocked fishing lake.

Homer Adams Park

This park has a large playground that was built with accessibility in mind. A community demonstration garden was created that kids can learn from. There are three rentable shelters for parties and gatherings.

Joe Glik Park

With more than 42 acres, this park has walking, biking, and skating trails. There are two stocked fishing lakes, picnic pavilions, and a barbecue grill. The playground has ADA-compliant surfacing, and plenty of areas to climb, swing, and slide. You can also enjoy sand volleyball, basketball, and large grassy areas for open play.

Willoughby Heritage Farm + Conservation Reserve

‍Willoughby Heritage Farm and Conservation Reserve is a public park with an atmosphere inspired by 1940’s farm life, complete with tractors, barns, a 1930’s Craftsman style farm house, and even live animals such as donkeys, a heifer, chickens, and goats! The farm encompasses over 30-acres of wildlife preserve complete with hiking trails, bridges, and vistas overlooking the prairie and other areas. The farm is open daily to the public, and since we’re a public park, admission is free! Come on and explore a little of what life was like in the 1940’s here in Collinsville.

Pleasant Ridge Park

Pleasant Ridge Park, in the northern part of the city is the largest of the two community parks with 95 acres. The park offers wintertime sledding. A bit of very early Fairview Heights history is represented in the park in the form of a 2-story log cabin, a structure built about 1850 by the Kinsella family. Other facilities in the park are 4 picnic pavilions, playground, 2 restrooms, and open space for passive recreation.

Moody Park

Ninety-acre Moody Park (Longacre Park) is guaranteed to be one of the best community parks you will ever see. It is the site of new Moody Park Playground. Other recreation attributes in the park include 2 ball diamonds, a walking and jogging trail, volleyball court, 2 playgrounds, and picnic pavilions.

Rock Springs Park

This park is pretty and serene with a wide, paved walking path. Much of the walking path is in the shade. There are also a few non-paved paths to explore. You will also find a playground here for the kids to play. Rock Springs Park also has a dog park for your furry friends!

Leon Corlew Park

Leon Corlew Park is a FREE accessible splash pad and playground that takes up over 2 acres behind the City’s Public Safety Building. Play features range from gentle bubblers on one end to a large dumping bucket on the other side. Nearby, there’s a traditional dry playground area offering both a toddler structure and a bigger kid structure with two tall and winding slides, all on an accessible rubber surface.


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