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day date

Who else loves day dates?

My husband and I are intentionally working on finding time and space for dates. With four kids that can be difficult. Sports, Scouts, 4-H, school activities, volunteering make date nights a challenge. This is where the day date comes in. 

Taking time to get brunch and focus my attention on my husband is important for a successful and healthy relationship. Let me be the first to admit how challenging this is for me. I put my children and their schedules in front of my marriage on a daily basis. It’s so easy to get caught up with the dirty dishes, laundry waiting to be folded, and sticky floors. I am learning these distractions can wait for another day so that I have time for my relationship. 

day date ideasAs moms, we are always trying to be everything for everyone. We don’t realize how that is affecting our relationship with our significant other.

Are we able to talk about how we are emotionally doing as a couple? For instance, can we be honest with each other when things are difficult? Do we see the relationship losing priority in our lives? 

I’m sure you’ve heard people say how important it is to keep dating your spouse after you have kids. My husband and I love day dates. Here are our favorite things to do. 

Best Day Dates in Des Moines

Paint together

As I was looking for day date ideas I came across Freestyle Paint Afternoons at Pinot’s Palette. Couples can paint two 10×10″ canvases with a self-guided painting. They say an instructor may be available to help. However, I think creating with your significant other is far more adventurous and fun for a date. As a result, you create a masterpiece that has memories for years to come. 

Take a Garden Walk

Spend an afternoon at The Botanical Gardens and enjoy a relaxing lunch in their Trellis Cafe. The cafe has a locally sourced, plant-based menu that changes monthly. The gardens are beautiful and serene. An excellent place to leisurely stroll with the romantic atmosphere that a date sometimes needs. You may find the perfect backdrop for a photo!

Go axe throwing

This is perfect for the more adventurous couple that enjoys new experiences. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? It sounds like the perfect day date to me! If you can throw a ball, why not try to throw an axe? Ironside Axe Club and Lumber Axe are both facilities that offer this date option. On Wednesdays, Ironside Axe Club offers Lunch and Throw from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This would be the perfect time for a lunch date. 

Above all, find the small moments to date each other. Whether it is an hour lunch date, axe throwing, or an afternoon at The Botanical Gardens.

A healthy relationship needs nurturing and a day date can help to keep that flame burning.

Making your significant other a priority can be difficult as a mom and takes intentionality. But it is worth it! Your relationship is worth the time and energy you put into it. Take a moment to write a quick note to your significant other to tell them why you love them. Put the effort in and date each other every day. 

What are your favorite day dates?

day date


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