How to “Boo” Your Neighbor


boo your neighborLittle feet run up the driveway, drop a basket on the porch, and RUN!! They sprint away from the house, hoping not to be seen by the neighbors. Here’s how to boo your neighbor with a basket of goodies. 

It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and pull out those treats. A “boo basket” is something you drop off to surprise a friend or neighbor with some Halloween spirit. These can be as extravagant or simple as you would like. Target came through this season with lots of help in making and filling those baskets! 

How to Make Boo Baskets 

1. Buckets

First, it was finding plastic buckets and smaller metal containers for a dollar each. Since my kiddos are preschool age, we went with simple containers for their friends. But more elaborate buckets for families we knew.  Boo basket options can include a paper lunch bag that kids decorate or a gift bag with a “boo” tag. Most importantly, the basket brings fun and brightens someone’s day. 

2. Treats and Activities

Second, there are so many ways to fill up your baskets. The options are limited only by creativity. The easy treats are candy, cookies, and snacks. Add in anything extra from the pantry.  For example a few cans of pop or a couple of juice pouches. Even small boxes of cereal or hot cocoa packets are big winners.

Other ideas for basket fillers are coloring books and crayons, mini puzzles, bubbles, plastic fangs, stickers, and bouncy balls. One favorite was the Halloween reusable drink pouches. Most of these items can be found for a dollar or two at the big box stores or the Dollar Tree.

We added a few extra things in our baskets. A “worry monster” toy and a Halloween cookie mansion kit were some of the favorites my kids wanted. So we passed those along to friends to bring them happiness. 

3. Booze Bag for Moms

Don’t forget the moms when you drop off baskets! Grab a bottle of wine and some chocolate to make a “booze” bag for those amazing women in your life. Again, this can be a simple wine bag with a tag or a full basket. 

I read another post and the mom talked about not feeling guilty for not passing the “boo” along. I am in complete agreement with her. It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy the treats given and not give a basket. There is so much pressure to always continue a chain. No pressure from this mom! Do what’s best for your family! 

Here are some free printables to make “boo-ing” a neighbor or friend simple and quick. Just print off a sign to hang up to show they have been “boo-ed” and an explanation of the idea. The idea is to keep the fun going and find friends or families who haven’t had the chance to experience it. 

Your neighbor or friend will be surprised and excited to have a treat this Halloween! Get out there soon to treat them with an unexpected “boo” basket so they can pass it along. (If they want to!)

Do you boo your neighbors? 


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