How to Make the Best BLT Sandwich

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BLT sandwich

BLT sandwiches are a seasonal summer staple in my household. We only eat them during the hot months of the year when tomatoes are at their peak.

Over the course of many years, I have sampled many a BLT and perfected what I think is the “perfect BLT sandwich.” It should come as no surprise that I have very specific ideas about the best way to make a BLT sandwich. As we roll into tomato/BLT season, here are my professional and expert-level tips on how to maximize your BLT sandwich experience:

The Best BLT Sandwich

  1. Bacon. Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon is superior to your ordinary bacon. Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon is hand-cured using the best ingredients. There is no water used in their curing process and there is a quality taste difference. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and use the good stuff. You can find this bacon online OR at Hy-Vee! Yay for grocery shopping in the morning and having a delicious lunch just a short while later.BLT sandwich
  2. Tomatoes. Please don’t ruin a good BLT sandwich with mediocre tomatoes. Tomatoes should be fresh and firm with a robust red color. Of course, my preference is beefsteak tomatoes straight from the garden, ripened in the sun. I know that’s not always possible (or practical) but do your best to source the best possible tomatoes. Your BLT will be better because of it.
  3. Bread. Toasted sourdough is my bread preference, but honestly, standard white cottage bread is delicious too. But you must, I repeat MUST, toast your bread. You need the crisp crunch of toasted bread to offset tender tomatoes. Soggy bread in a BLT is abhorrent. 
  4. Mayo. My household doesn’t believe in the nonsense of “salad dressing.” Miracle Whip is a must-have. And if you are asking my son, Olive Oil Miracle Whip is the only solution.
  5. Accompanying seasonings. Please salt and pepper your tomato. Then, if you are feeling fancy, add some avocado for extra creaminess. 

BLT sandwich

Weirdly enough, I don’t have strong feelings about lettuce. In my mind, the stars of the sandwich are bacon and tomatoes. Lettuce is secondary. But I know many people firmly believe that iceberg lettuce is the only way to go!

I am an advocate of oven-baked bacon. This is my go-to post on how to make the best and easiest bacon! 

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Do you have any BLT sandwich tips to add?

BLT sandwich

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