A Mom’s Guide to Triumph Park


Triumph ParkWaukee’s newest park, the 66-acre Triumph Park features a 15,000-square-foot EPIC Inclusive Playground, 12 baseball/softball fields, practice fields, batting cages, the Greater Iowa Credit Union Miracle League® Field, and an 11-acre pond with an accessible fishing pier.

Triumph Park Waukee Details

Where: 700 NW Douglas Parkway, Waukee
Parking: Plentiful
Bathrooms: Right next to the playground
Other amenities: A cooling zone attached to the bathrooms with shaded picnic tables.


It’s big, there is something for everyone. There are structures for toddlers up to the biggest kid as well as mobility device access at various levels. Multiple slides offer various heights, angles, and levels of difficulty to reach the tops. There are also several obstacle course style areas and multiple climbing areas. There are endless opportunities for play. The rubberized main surface is safe and cushy with areas of turf as well. There is a sitting wall with shade during the morning and various shade covers throughout.


It’s big. If you prefer to have eyes on your kiddo 100% of the time, this park might not be for you. Some of the paneling, while providing safety, creates blind spots. Also, when it’s busy and lots of kids are climbing quickly, it can be tough to keep track. If you have littles who think they are bigger than they are, this might be a tough spot too. Littler kids might get scared once they get to a certain height or realize the slides are bigger than they thought and you will be climbing in some tight spots to help them down. However, there are plenty of areas for the under 5 crowd.

Other Features

There are sensory panels throughout and multiple musical installments to play. Inclusive equipment includes installments like the merry-go-round with room for mobility devices but is also super safe for kids in general. STEM Panels



For more information on Triumph Park check out their website or follow on Facebook.

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