5 Tips from a Burnt Out Mom


burnt out momHello, my name is Mary and I am a burnt out mom.

Most days I feel like I am being pulled in every direction at one time. Sometimes I need to call a timeout on all my responsibilities even if just for a few minutes so I can reset myself.

I am getting better at recognizing when I am getting to the point where I need to press pause for my own good. I may not always have the luxury at that moment to do so, but when I do, I take the opportunity. It is sort of like the pre-flight directions on how to use oxygen masks–you need to put yours on first before you help others. As moms, we need to put our mental health first so we can help the others in our family when they need it.

I wanted to share with you five of the things that I have found help me to do a “hard reset” on myself when I need to. Hopefully, my ideas will inspire you to take some time for yourself to refresh and recharge.

1. Ditch the guilt

One of the most difficult parts for me was telling my family I needed a break. A certain amount of time just for myself. Why is it so hard for moms to admit that sometimes we are not OK? We spend so much time tending to the needs of our family but we don’t give ourselves that grace. I have become more clear with my family when I need some uninterrupted time and they understand. Do I still get interrupted sometimes during my time? Sure. But it has become less frequent the more honest I became about needing to reset.

2. Get lost in another world

Recently I decided I was going to start reading again for fun. For the longest time, I have been reading things just for work. That changed this Spring when I picked up a light, fun fiction read. I found myself carving out a few minutes at night to read and it really helped me clear my head. Coincidentally, I was invited to join a book club not too long ago; I see that as the Universe’s way of forcing me to continue this habit.

Don’t get me wrong, books aren’t the only place I get lost. I can turn on one of the many streaming services we have and immerse myself in a new or favorite series. Sometimes a glass of wine and an episode (or three) of a show only I like is just what I need to decompress.

3. Get crafty

If you are like my family, you have a surplus of craft supplies and projects leftover from the 2020 lockdown. Grab a coloring book and the good markers and create. We have an abundance of paints and canvas at our house just waiting to be used. Doing a family art project could be a great way for everyone to blow off some steam when the whole family could use a break. Creating can be a great way to get thoughts and feelings out when you are feeling overwhelmed with life even if your art never sees the wall or the refrigerator door.

4. Go for a walk

Before my friends and family call me out on this one, not all walks have to occur outside. I am not an outdoorsy person so you would be hard-pressed to find me taking a stroll around my neighborhood on a beautiful summer evening. If that is your cup of tea, go for it! Ditch your responsibilities, grab some headphones, and see where the great outdoors takes you.

If I have some time to spare and need to get out of my house you might spot me walking around Target with a coffee in hand looking at everything I want to buy but won’t. On another day you could find me window shopping at a mall while listening to a podcast. Sure, this usually turns out to be a more expensive time than a walk outside. I am much happier after a walk through my local TJ Maxx than I would be in the neighborhood park.

5. Work it Out

Sometimes I need to just sweat out my stress. I try to get to the gym a few times a week. It is uninterrupted time I spend on myself and my well-being. It is my one true guilt-free time. No snacks, no impulse buys, just me and the gym.

Some workouts are better than others and I can say I never feel worse after I work out. I listen to my exercise playlist or a great podcast and for that time my focus is just on me. As moms, we need to remember that our well-being and health is just as important as the other members of our family.

Moms, take the break. We are worth it. I am a more focused mom and wife when I stop and take time for me. Trust me, everything you need to do will still be there waiting for you.

Drop your favorite ways to avoid burnout in the comments! I would love to hear ways that you recharge and you may inspire others as well.


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