11 Great Gift for Guys


guy gift ideasFinding gifts for guys can be hard. With a husband, two sons, a dad, two brothers, two father-in-laws, uncles and even a great-grandpa-in law, I have a lot of guys in my life to buy gifts for. So, what do you buy a guy he’ll actually want? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with 11 gifts for guys!

11 Christmas Gifts for Guys

Bozz Prints Whether it’s a sports team or favorite Midwest city, Bozz’s prints look great in both living rooms and man caves. They fit standard-sized frames which make them affordable and unique pieces of art. Check them out, along with t-shirts and apparel, at his shop in Valley Junction or online. 

Epicurean Pizza Peel Epicurean spun out of a skate-park company. They started using excess material (that’s durable, food safe, and can go in the dishwasher) to make cutting boards for family and friends. My dad peels pizza off the grill and takes it straight to the table. Mom uses it for charcuterie.

Saxx Underwear No guy I know would spend $30+ for a pair of underwear and that’s what makes it a good gift. Their patented “Ball Park Pouch” is something I can only compare to a bra that’s made for man parts. If it’s any help, my husband must like them because the one pair he owns is always in the wash.

Benchmade Pocket Knife This is a great gift for the guy who always knows what to do. Benchmade has a huge assortment of every day pocket knives as well as knives for medical, tactical, hunting, and more. The company is based in the “knife capital of the country,” Portland, Oregon.

Spices – Grilling, cooking, or sautéing, spices make a great stocking stuffer. Saltlickers is in Nevada and can add a nice local twist to your gift. I’m also a big Penzy’s fan!

Yeti Always a stand by, this is something the guys in my life like using but would never buy themselves. Coffee tumblers, water bottles, koozies, and if you’re a big spender, I hear the coolers are worth every penny.

A Jersey – This is a win every time. Any guy I know who has gotten a jersey of his favorite team is in heaven. 

Wusthof Knives Go to your favorite local kitchen store (I love Cooks’ Emoporium in Ames!) and talk to them about knives. If your guy cooks, this knife makes it instantly easier. It’ll be his go-to knife for carving the turkey and the jack-o-lanterns.

Local Booze – Whether it’s a local six pack, a bottle of whiskey or Dallas County Apple Wine, local booze is a great gift. I am partial to Laketime Brewery for beer, Cedar Ridge for whiskey, and Penoach for their apple wine (ask Joanie how she likes to serve it!).

ThermoPop This is a functional and affordable meat thermometer I am hearing great things about. Don’t tell my husband, but he’s getting one this year.

Ugg Boots My husband’s mom got him Ugg boots one Christmas and he was confused. He thought Uggs were for girls. He’s now on his third pair. They hold up walking or biking to work in the snow. His are waterproof and they look good at the office.

What are your best guy gift ideas?

gifts for guys

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