Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson
Liz is mom to second grader Jonah, preschooler Gwendolyn, and toddler Theo. She and Troy married and bought a Beaverdale home in 2010. A teacher on maternal hiatus, Liz prefers reading to housekeeping and uses West Wing reruns to settle her mind. She believes any problem can be solved with fiction but loves to explore her reality in Des Moines.
A comfy pink recliner on a picturesque beach. nursing chair

Ode to My Nursing Chair

As we watched our 4-year-old vomit onto my beloved nursing chair last month, a thought occurred to me: This chair has seen some stuff. That was the non-expletive thought, anyway. There were other inappropriate thoughts...
Girl Wrapping Gift

Tired of Stuff? Try Experience Gifts Instead!

We received a holiday toy catalog in the mail in mid-September. I quickly took it straight from the mailbox to my super secret hiding space so the kids wouldn’t find it. I should’ve known...
Sharing a bedroom

Do Your Kids Share a Room?

Our family of five lives in a three-bedroom Beaverdale ranch. My husband and I bought the house as newlyweds and were delighted by all the space. We’ve since been blessed with three kids. There is...
reading book in bed. Des Moines Mom

What Should I Read Next? Book Recommendations for Fall

As the kids return to school and cooler air makes for cozy couch nests, you might be looking for a new book to help you relax, teach you a little something, or just distract...
girl blowing out birthday candles. Turning 40

This is 40, Mom Edition

Turning 40 is a moment. It doesn’t have to be a big moment but it is one, nonetheless. I’m having that moment.  Thoughts on Turning 40 One thing I’ve learned in raising children is that you must...
family walking in field holding hands. Des Moines Mom

The Power of a Family Project: 6 Ideas for Togetherness

Memorial Day weekend hit and my husband was in major organization mode. Again. “Let’s organize all the Legos!” he said. “It’ll be so much fun!” he said. I sighed, rolled my eyes, and made a...
old soccer ball on bench. soccer mom. Des Moines Mom

I Am Not a Soccer Mom

I am not a soccer mom. At the moment. By that, I mean that my children (aged 3, 6, and 9) are not currently involved in a soccer league or camp. In fact, they are in...
woman wearing hat looking at phone. texting. Des Moines Mom

The 5 Text Threads Every Mom Needs

Yes, we all stare at our screens too much. That being said, sometimes you need to share, vent, celebrate, or record, immediately. And sometimes you need a response, immediately, perhaps paired with a timely and...
woman with backpack and school books. stay at home mom to grad school. Des Moines Mom

Life after Stay-at-Home Momming: Grad School

In my 40th year and as a mother of three, I applied to grad school. It was unexpectedly terrifying. Our children are growing, as children do, and though I was convinced we’d have nursing, diapered...
woman throwing scrabble tiles. Des Moines Mom

26+ Things to Do Outside in Des Moines

We look for the alphabet in many things: car rides, neighborhood walks, songs from Encanto. The kids and I challenged ourselves to come up with the Des Moines ABCs to highlight some of our...