DMM Guest Blogger

DMM Guest Blogger
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sustianable baby

My Favorite Sustainable Baby Products

I had lofty goals going into motherhood. I was going to keep up my busy routine, have endless patience, and juggle being sustainable to the T on top of it all. Well…if there’s one...
one day at a time

One Day at at Time

No one can prepare you for the day your child is diagnosed with an incurable disease. No one can prepare for life as you know it to change forever. Not a single person.  Our almost...

Grit and Grace: Our Journey with Type 1 Diabetes

On April 9, 2017, our lives were turned upside down. Our daughter, Kai, had just turned two on March 19. For about a week prior to April 9, she was slamming sippy cups of...
the holiday hustle

The Holiday Hustle

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and moms around the world are doing the holiday hustle. We're tracking our Amazon deliveries like a storm chaser tracks an impending storm. Wrapping gifts, addressing and stamping...
prematurity awareness

Prematurity Awareness: Becoming a Mom in the NICU

My whole life I dreamt of the day I would become a mom. After a lengthy and tiring struggle with infertility, we finally found out we were expecting. I was having a problem-free pregnancy;...
family photos

The Reality of Family Photos

As soon as Old Navy, Gap, and J.Crew start dropping chunky knit sweaters and flannels in fall-colored hues, moms around the world collectively think: FAMILY PHOTOS.  Are you with me?! Moms just want to get...
no foot too small infant loss

There is No Foot Too Small

As an engineer, I love numbers and step-by-step instructions. The life I expected to live was going to take effort, but I could predict the next step. Step 1: Work hard in high school, get...
son graduating from high school

Thoughts on High School Graduation

We walked down the sidewalk toward the elementary school for open house. In just a few days, my firstborn was starting kindergarten and the excitement was palpable. He was ready. I was ready. (Especially...
white bowl of nuts and kid pushing them away. food allergy

Living with Food Allergies

When our oldest daughter was born, we were already in uncharted waters being first-time parents. Nothing really prepares you for your first child and the lack of sleep, the constant diaper changes, and the...
celebrating hanukkah with family

How Our Family Celebrates Hanukkah

“Here comes Hanukkah, so much funukah to celebrate Hanukkah, Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, Instead of one day of presents, we get 8 crazy nights.” Thank you Adam Sandler for creating such a...