Casey is an Iowa captive by way of Alabama. She lives in Urbandale with her first responder husband Derek, black lab Dakota, and human daughters Avery (2018) and Nellie (2021). She loves being a mom and is navigating her journey with her own version of what motherhood looks like including shamelessly singing “Baby Shark” on command and eating Oreos during nap time so she doesn’t have to share. Casey works part time in the non-profit field supporting families that are grieving the loss of a child. In her “free time” Casey enjoys baking, specializing in boxed brownies and pre-made cookie dough. She also enjoys reading historical fiction books and watching Netflix. Her preferred forms of communication include sarcasm, emojis and gifs.

4 Grilling Tips for Summertime Cooking

I love food any way it’s cooked, or not (sushi anyone?). But there is just something about grilling in the summertime that makes things taste better. Maybe it’s being outside, the smell of the...
sustainable choices

Easy Ways to make Sustainable Choices

The idea of sustainability or “going green,” can feel very intimidating. But making sustainable choices is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many small steps you can take to make a...

Talking With Your Kids About Coronavirus

The media has been saturated with a lot of coverage on coronavirus lately specifically COVID 19. Even if you have done your best to shield your child from the news it is likely they...
work balance

The Lie of Life Work Balance as a Mom

Early on in motherhood I was made to believe that if I did things a specific way, my life would go smoothly. I just had to find the right “trick” or routine. Society tells moms...
family dog

Our Dog Makes Us a Better Family

February 20, 2020, is national “love your pet day!” A “pet” is defined as a “domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure” but for our family, our Black Lab Dakota exceeds the job...

My Post-Baby Workout Routine

Even before becoming a mom, I have always been physically active and enjoy a good workout. I participated in competitive sports in high school and enjoyed fitness kickboxing throughout college. Moving my body always makes...
Casey Manser

Meet Casey Manser

Hello fellow moms! I am so excited to begin this journey as a contributor to Des Moines Moms Blog and I can’t wait to continue to build my village through the connections with you...