10 Ways to Keep Kids Reading This Summer

by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels for Canva

Do your kids complain about summer reading? Summer is a great time for kids to rediscover the pure joy of reading for pleasure, without a school assignment looming. It’s important kids keep reading in the summer!

Here are 10 ways to keep reading fun in the summer 

  1. Sign up for a library reading program. Get free stuff, track your reading, and explore related activities at the library. Sign up for as many as you want! 

2. Download your library’s reading app. This will give your kids free access to audio books and ebooks, which means you don’t even have to leave the house to get new stories.3. Dive into research. Are your kids begging for a new pet? Determined to get to Disney? Trying to start a babysitting business? Make them do the research! Nonfiction books and online sources are a great place for your kids to learn more about their passion and make a better argument.

4. Start a book club. Grab your kid’s bestie (or your bestie’s kid) and start a club. Your kids can establish the parameters (what to read, how often to meet, what snacks to prep, etc.). Your local library and park make for a great meeting spot or you can do it virtually if that works better.

5. Start a silent book club. If a regular book club sounds like too much work, just set up a time to meet and read. Build a cozy reading nook and have your kid and their pal set a timer and read side by side.

6. Compete with your child. This won’t work for everyone, but if you and your littles like a healthy competition, see who can read more books this summer. Set up a log (this could be as easy as a post-it on the fridge) and keep each other honest! Alternatively, you could all work together to reach a target number of books by the end of the summer. 

7. Make your way through a list of award-winners. There are plenty of award lists out there, including the Iowa Children’s Choice Award. These are newly released books voted on by Iowa students as the best of the year.

8. Read it, then watch it. It’s the timeless question of which is better: book or movie? Your preferred streaming service likely has a ton of books-turned-movies that would make for great comparisons. This could also pair well with many of the movies in the park summer programs.

9. Do a Flat Stanley! Do you remember the book series where Stanley visits as many locations as possible? Create a physical version of your kid’s favorite character and photograph them in as many places as possible. Checkout these Des Moines landmarks for ideas. This can also be great for road trips or other family vacays.

10. Visit local and used bookstores. Even if you’re just browsing and not buying, local bookstores have so much character and personality. The staff can be incredibly helpful with recommendations and many offer fun and free events. Used bookstores can be easier on the wallet and offer a great opportunity to dig for treasures.

What other tips do you have for kids summer reading?


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